When Kurt Huzar founded APA, he had a vision. It was his mission to build a school that catered to the needs of many and provided an education for all. He wanted to establish something that stood for equal learning opportunities. And that’s exactly what The Arizona Preparatory Academy aims to do: to deliver these opportunities needed to move forward and succeed in life. No matter who you are, we can help. We offer schooling to students from all walks of life and of many dreams. It is our goal to be the very best an Arizona non-profit charter school can be!

Who We Are

APA is an Arizona non-profit charter school gauged toward aiding people who have had difficulties along their path to graduation. Our classes and staff are tailored in helping students who have dropped out, have learning disabilities, are considered displaced or homeless, or just need a little extra care. Each of our teachers are hand-picked for their abilities in special education and affluence in a student’s individual needs. They all have tested true in providing a quality experience for your teen!

Our teachers may be some of the friendliest, kindest, and most compassionate group of people you’ll meet. Talk with us and you’ll know exactly what your teen is in for- people that are invested and want nothing but the best for them.

What We Do

APA is not just your traditional charter school, but one that is flexible and adaptive in ensuring your child gets the education they need. Not only do we offer traditional classroom lessons, but hybrid in-school online classes, too!

There are a variety of programs at our disposal for aiding youths. Special Education, Child Find, and Drop Out Prevention and Recovery are all geared to helping identify your child’s greatest needs in their path to success and help set said path. We even offer challenging courses through the GATE program, which aids in the growth of gifted students in core areas.

APA also offers aid through the McKinney-Vento program, which provides a homeless liaison and other needs for displaced and homeless youth. Everyone deserves a proper education, no matter how bad things may seem!

With over 70 classes to choose from, there’s nothing your child can’t aspire to be! Everything we offer is part of the A+ learning system and is 100% aligned with Common Core Standards.

How You Benefit

Not only does Arizona Preparatory Academy give high school diplomas to all graduates, but offers GEDs to those who are in need. To top it off, we offer dual-credit classes that can be transferred to college credit! The possibilities are endless with APA, and we can help your youth move forward, regardless what their needs are. Their success is our priority and we won’t stop until they have achieved their dreams!

Apply today to an Arizona non-profit charter school that cares!

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